Calcium Chloride - Usage

Calcium Chloride is mainly used...

  • ... for ice and snow removal
  • ... in oil-well drilling and as dehydrant in petrochemical industry
  • ... in dust control and removal (coal dust, mine dust, etc.)
  • ... as an accelerator for concrete and as a solidifying agent in paint production
  • ... as a desiccant for moisture proofing
  • ... as a coagulant in rubber industry
  • ... as a chloridizing agent and additive in metallurgy (ferrous)
  • ... as an additive in paper industry and de-inking of recycled paper
  • ... as an SO4 - removing agent and as a coagulant for sodium alginate in chemical industry
  • ... in a refrigeration industry
  • ... as a preservative agent for food and anti-rot treatment agent for wheat, fruits and vegetables
  • ... in a dye production and in printing industry
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